The Global Albanian Youth Network:

A Movement for Change 

The Global Albanian Youth Network, – is a movement for change initiated by GERMIN and the Global Albanians Foundation (GAF).  The movement aims to promote positive change in Albanian communities around the world by identifying, connecting, engaging and supporting Albanian youth (ages 14-22) around the world through language, cultural, heritage, personal, and professional development programs.

The movement will connect both organizations and individuals to collaborate as global citizens and to help our youth to raise their powerful and intelligent voices. The movement will provide opportunities to be heard, to work together as an integrated and global community of Albanian youth and for youth to play a catalytic role as model citizens who help and give back to their homeland countries and the countries in which they live.

The Global Albanian Youth Network will develop projects through informing, advocating, thematic networking, international cooperation, supporting Albanian youth organizations, and building partnerships with governmental institutions both at residing and home countries (countries of origin). It conducts advocating of interests and needs of young people in the countries of origin (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia) and in the diaspora, by building partnerships with various non-governmental organizations, and public institutions in creating and implementing youth policy.


  • provide a space for organizations and individuals to exchange and share similar interests, goals, and aspirations; 
  • offer support for capacity building, networking and the dissemination of good practices; 
  • voice the concerns of the youth in the political agenda of home countries’ governments as well as in international institutions; and
  • influence policy and decision-making in government, business, and not-for-profit organizations based on the research, experience, and expertise of young people.

This movement will establish cooperation and improve communication among local and international youth (sister) organizations, regardless of their sexual, national and religious identifications of young people which they represent or advocate.